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Parenting in the Digital Age

Parenting in the Digital Age is a programme to help parents apply their parenting skills to the online world


Childnet International

Childnet International is a registered charity that seeks to ensure that children and young people are equipped to navigate the online environment safely and responsibly and that the rights of children are prioritised by developers, providers and regulators.


Childnet’s Education Team provides internet safety sessions for pupils, parents and carers, and staff members. Information and resources for teachers and other professionals are also available from the Childnet website, including instructions and materials for a one-hour E-safety INSET workshop.


RM Education Ltd

RM Education Ltd provides free information and resources for schools together with details of its products and training and consultancy for schools.


Childnet STAR Toolkit

The Childnet STAR Toolkit is an online safety resource by Childnet and Leicester City Council that offers practical advice when teaching activities to help secondary schools explore internet safety with young people with autistic spectrum disorder.

Available free of charge for schools across the UK, the online toolkit addresses the risks faced by young people living with autism spectrum disorder when using digital technology, such as cyberbullying, contact by strangers and  exposure to inappropriate content.








Looked After Children

Governing bodies must appoint a designated teacher to promote the educational achievement of looked after children and ensure that this person has appropriate training.


Governing bodies and proprietors should ensure that members of staff have the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to keep looked after children safe.


Statutory guidance for local authorities Promoting the education of looked after children (July 2014) is useful reading for school leaders and designated teachers for looked after children.


  • Statutory Guidance – Promoting the educational achievement of looked after children


  • Slough Virtual School webpage (e.g.



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